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Project Planning

In the Project Planning phase we examine the principal ingredients of the concrete, namely: 



Mineral Admixtures


Construction Phase

In the construction phase we help identify the cause of defects on ongoing construction, namely:

Scaled Concrete Surface

Defective Tiles

Defective Concrete Coat



In the maintenance phase we use forensic methods to identify causes of the problem to better understand and viable approach to the repair/rehabilitation program.Under maintenance we provide condition survey to determine current condition of the structure.

Alkali-Silica Reactivity

Sulfate Attack

Fire Damaged Concrete






  •  Falling Tiles at an On-going Construction Site, Harmony School, Houston
  • Ship at Dock during Above Water Inspection at Port of Houston
  • Evaluation of Cracks in Residential Concrete Driveway
  • Above-Water Inspection of Concrete Piles under Wharfs, Port of Houston
  • Evaluation of Concrete Samples from Navigational Lock, Florida