Scaled Concrete Surface

Evaluating Soft Pavement Surface in New Construction, Interstate I-45 near Houston.

 The batch of concrete placed in the night for a 24-hour operation for a section of Interstate I-45 near Conroe in Houston was consistently experiencing soft surfaces and removal of sand particles. The surface was severely scaled with minimal traffic on the unopened-to-traffic pavement. C3S was retained to investigate the cause of the problem. Samples of concrete were taken from the site from the day and night sections of placed concrete. The timing of application of the curing compound at the above normal nightly winds over the pavement was removing water from the surface of the pavement and reducing the hydration process. Consequently, the paste could not develop sufficient strength to hold the sand particles. X-ray diffraction test and scanning electron microscopy were used in resolving the problem. 

  • On-going construction on I-45 near Houston.
  • Surface of durable day-placed concrete.
  • Soft surface of night- placed concrete
  • Surface of severely scaled nightly-placed concrete.
  • Sand particles blown from off the surface of nightly-placed concrete.
  • Cored sample from nightly-placed concrete.
  •  Cored sample from day-placed concrete.