Project Planning With a Concrete Specialist

Before initiating construction, one should conduct a thorough evaluation of all construction materials. A concrete specialist can determine which cements, aggregates, and other materials are best for your structure.  Construction projects, particularly capital projects, require careful consideration of sources, consistency of material, and overall durability.

Over the years, C3S has assisted several of our clients in various aspects of concrete analysis during the planning stages of projects. Our services have included:

  • Evaluation of imported cement for a capital project that spanned a period of three years.
  • Evaluation of aggregate from untested quarries for a large infrastructure project overseas.
  • Evaluation of rip rap for protection of shorelines.
  • Sourcing and qualifying aggregate for construction of a major airport runways and aprons.
  • Evaluating aggregate from areas with variable aggregate quality.

  • Sources of good aggregates and cements_concrete specialist
  • Sample for evaluation_concrete consulting
  • Granite evaluation by petrographic analysis.
  • Test to identify potential alkali-silica reactivity_Concrete evaluation