Masonry Evaluation

Masonry is one of the most common forms of construction and can be found in a variety of buildings throughout the US. Because cement is a central ingredient in mortar, these buildings oftentimes suffer from the same ailments as other concrete structures. For this reason, C3S is able to provide expert masonry evaluation and consulting services for structural failures around the country.

Concrete Evaluation for Older Buildings

A majority of “historical buildings” in the US were constructed with masonry. The ravages of time and the environment have damaged such buildings but, luckily, they can be rehabilitated for posterity with proper concrete evaluation. C3S has investigated several such buildings and structures and recommended appropriate methods of repair.

Please visit our project gallery for examples of our masonry evaluation and concrete consulting work. Call our toll free line, 1-888-281-5808, or fill out our online form to contact a concrete specialist.

  • H.M. King Building in Corpus Christi, Texas.
  • Brick samples submitted for concrete evaluation.
  • Defects in mortar section_petrographic analysis_concrete consulting
  • Defects in mortar section_ petrographic analysis_Concrete consulting 2
  • Defects in mortar section_petrographic analysis_concrete consulting 3
  • Sand extracted from mortar sample_concrete specialist