Maintenance: Concrete Failure Analysis

Maintenance is imperative for both stakeholders of the structure and for individuals who use the facility. The annual cost of maintaining structures is of the order of several thousand dollars, and can reach well into the millions or billions if structural problems are neglected. Professional concrete failure analysis can help prevent costly repairs.

The level of maintenance can be varied and require expertise in understanding the underlying causes of the problems prior to embarking on any extensive repair. Like all other structures, concrete structures are susceptible to problems and require the occasional repair or rehabilitation.

C3S has helped clients maintain their facilities by evaluating and performing concrete failure analysis on several structures, such as:

  • Concrete driveways in residential units
  • Concrete slabs and foundations in industrial facilities and commercial units
  • Fire-damaged structures
  • Highway pavement
  • Parking Lots
  • Airport runways and aprons
  • Dams
  • Any structure that has concrete, masonry, or stone in it.

For routine evaluations, concrete failure analysis, or concrete rehabilitation, contact a concrete specialist at C3S, Inc.

  • Cracks in toll Road_concrete rehabilitation
  • Concrete evaluation, rehabilitation, repair of feed plant.
  • Concrete specialist look at fire damage
  • concrete evaluation of corrosion_concrete rehabilitation
  • concrete evaluation for rehabilitation of mortar
  • concrete failure analysis_communication tower