Corrosion of Embedded Rebars in a Concrete Slab, Animal Feed Plant in Nacogdoches, Texas

A 55 year old severely corroded slab was being considered for demolition. C3S was retained to evaluate the slab and make a recommendation to client. Inspection of the slab showed the corrosion to be localized. Field and laboratory tests performed on concrete samples indicated the slab could be repaired. A competent repair contractor was contracted to repair the slab under supervision of C3S. The slab was restored at a reasonable cost and without interruption to plant operation.

  • Section of set of silos sitting on corroded slab at animal feed plant.
  • Corrosion of underside of slab.
  • Crack at interface of beam and under-surface of slab.
  • Crack in beam under slab.
  • Sporadic corrosion and efflorescence under slab.
  • Repaired crack at interface of beam and under-slab.
  • Repaired under-slab and beam.
  • Repaired beam.