Concrete Testing During the Construction Phase

Any number of unforeseen circumstances can arise during construction. In structures involving concrete, construction may need to be halted to find a solution to a recurring problem. Other times, concrete testing and evaluation can be conducted while construction proceeds. C3S has provided clients with expert concrete consulting services to determine the cause several problems, including:

  • Low compressive strength of concrete.
  • Defects during manufacturing operations.
  • Cracks and or scaling on new concrete surfaces.
  • Unset, freshly placed concrete.
  • Non-performing portion of a construction project.

Oftentimes we are able to determine the cause and provide solution to the problem without undue interruption to construction schedule. For timely, knowledgeable concrete testing and consulting, contact C3S, Inc.

  • soft surface_concrete consulting needed
  • On going construction for a school_concrete evaluation
  • Falling tiles from wall prompted concrete testing
  • Concrete consulting for broken coating on pipe in a manufacturing operation.
  • hydration product is clue in concrete testing