Concrete Consulting for Concrete Mixtures

Portland cement is an ubiquitous construction material; almost every country on the planet has a structure made of Portland cement. Careful concrete consulting when planning a project can improve the lifespan of your concrete infrastructure. It is manufactured according to strict standards using limestone as the principal ingredient.

During the first stage of cement production, other materials may be mixed in to compliment the limestone. This ground blended limestone is treated in kilns at high temperatures to produce what is referred to in the industry as ‘clinker’. The clinker is then ground with a suitable amount of gypsum to form Portland cement.

The U.S. classifies Portland cement based on the specific application; to date, there are five types of Portland cement: Type I, II, III, IV, and V.

Portland cement is popular because of its versatility. When water is added to Portland cement in the correct proportion, the mixture forms cement paste. Sand and water are added to a cement mixture to form mortar/grout. A mixture of cement, sand, rocks, and water is referred to as concrete.

Concrete Consulting With A Specialist

At C3S, we focus on maximizing the lifespan of your project. Our knowledge of cementitious materials (Portland cement and mineral admixtures) is made available to our clients to enable them make the best choices for their respective projects. Our expertise allows us to determine which mixture will produce a strong and stable structure that will require minimal maintenance over the years.

Please contact C3S for concrete consulting with a civil engineer.


  • Concrete evaluation_ SEM of cement clinker
  • SEM of clinker showing principal phases_concrete consulting
  • Petrographic analysis photo of cement clinker_concrete testing
  • Petrographic analysis photo of clinker showing three phases_concrete consulting