Concrete Aggregates: Testing and Evaluation

Aggregates (coarse and fine) make up 60% to 70% by volume of concrete, thus playing a vital role in the durability of concrete. Limestone, gravel, granite and other aggregates are typically used in concrete mixtures. The concrete specialists at C3S will examine the aggregates in the concrete to determine if they produce the correct properties for your project.

All of our concrete testing methods for aggregates are in line with the standards set by ASTM International. Our team uses a wide variety of evaluation techniques for concrete aggregate, including ASTM C-33, C-295 and many more. Petrographic analysis, as described in ASTM C-856, is frequently used in both aggregate and concrete evaluation.

Contact a C3S, Inc. concrete testing specialist to ask about how are services can help you select the optimal aggregate to achieve a durable structure.

  • Granite aggregate sample_concrete evaluation consulting
  • Granite sample under polarizing microscope_concrete aggregates analysis
  • Granite sample under polarizing microscope_concrete consulting
  • Pegmatite concrete aggregate sample.